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Are you looking for a place to rest and recover, to discover meaning and vision? The Full Circle is a sanctuary during times of transition and recovery, built on the belief that health and wellness springs from the intentional weaving together of mind, body, spirit and community.


Welcome to the Full Circle

Rob Whittaker (Clin. Psych) and Melissa McWalter (Registered Arts Therapist) have poured heart and soul into opening the only integrative therapy and lifestyle program in Cape Town. Bringing their respective approaches to bear, Rob and Melissa offer a unique, creative and collaborative approach to psychotherapy, to out-patient treatment and to wellness.

Our primary focus is supporting individuals through life transitions, recovery and departure from treatment facilities. We are set apart by our Integration Program (see below): the rich collaboration and integration between our practitioners. This is the foundation for the highly individualised care and attention each person receives.

Our program comprises integrative psychotherapy, creative arts therapy, mindfulness and meditation, yoga, cold water therapy, massage, nature walks, and coaching.

Rob Whittaker – Clinical Psychologist (Wits), Addiction Specialist, EMDR practitioner,
Melissa McWalter – Registered Arts Therapist (University of Pretoria), Chairperson of the South African Music Therapy Association, Research Supervisor (University of Pretoria), Yoga Alliance Accredited Instructor.

About Rob and Melissa

Rob Whittaker

Clinical Psychologist; EMDR Practitioner; Laughter Yoga

Rob believes that the ultimate goal of therapy (and therefore living) is to learn how to carry the inevitable weight that comes with being human. On the surface, his approach is simple: find at least one person who truly sees you in your experience, empower yourself with an understanding of your place in your family and societal system, better understand your own experience of pain, and strive valiantly to be your truest self. Rob draws most significantly on his own experience in his approach, while also drawing from: (1) attachment theory, as people exist in relationships and cannot find themselves without first allowing another to see them clearly; (2) systems theory, as the repetitive roles we play out unconsciously need to be investigated for us to be freed to access our power and independence; and (3) psychoanalytic theory as a platform to delve deeper into the psyche and the inner world. He reflects that over the course of his life he has been crafting a road back to the true self, and he is dedicated to skilfully guiding others to know themselves too.      

Melissa McWalter

Registered Arts Therapist; Yoga Alliance Accredited Instructor

Melissa uses music therapy, psychotherapeutic creative processes and Jungian-informed symbol and dream work. These approaches often draw on non-verbal and intuitive ways of knowing. Melissa’s unique blend of skills and approaches guides people to access their intuition, find clarity and meaning that may not be readily accessible and to deepen their journey home to Self. A typical session with Melissa includes talking as well as reflecting or exploring through creative work, such as drawing, guided imagery, poetry, movement, clay work and/or music. Sessions are sensitively facilitated and move at the pace of the individual’s process.

Melissa also offers private and semi-private yoga classes with a focus on finding inner and outer balance, accessing vitality and stillness, and developing mental and physical strength and flexibility.


Each program is tailored to the individual. A personal assessment is required for an accurate and individualised quote for the best-suited program. The following serves as a general model of our programs and as pricing guide.

Integrative Therapy Program

We often refer to the Integrative Therapy Program as a Journey. This is because it is an in-depth processes of intentional movement, of travelling from one place to another, of developing skills and self-knowledge, of mapping out systems, delving into the unknown, finding allies, battling dragons, receiving guidance and embracing the reward. Ultimately, the journey returns us home – to oneself and to the community – emboldened with inner wisdom and empowered with more to offer. The Integrative Therapy Program is built on the consistent, day-to-day collaboration and thoughtful consideration of each person’s needs in their current journey.

The Integrative Therapy Program is a retreat-style/out-patient program designed for individuals transitioning from treatment centers into everyday living, as well as individuals seeking respite and holistic care while pursuing intensive personal exploration. The program consists of psychotherapy, creative arts therapy, semi-private or private yoga, group therapy and – crucially – daily and intensive collaboration between therapists. The program may include personalised coaching, nature walks, group therapy and massage based on the individual’s needs. Individuals stay off-site at home, at a guest house, or at a medical-aid registered facility in the vicinity (see Accommodation below).

Estimate cost for SA residents: R15 550 – R24 450 per month.

Estimate cost for international guests: R21 850 – R29 450 per month.


  • 1 month full access to semi-private classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings. Small classes cater to beginners and intermediate yogis. Yoga costs are incorporated into the Integrative Therapy Program fee, but below is the cost for those wanting to join for yoga only.

R1950 per month

  • Private classes, with a focus on mind-body connection, mental wellness and building resilience. Perfect for anyone who is looking to deepen their practice. Also directed toward individuals struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other forms of psychological distress. Personal classes are ideal when working through the trauma of mental health crises, neurological problems and for building confidence.

R750 per session

Location and Accommodation

Currently, the Integrative Program is run from Roodenburg House, 74 Campground Road, Rondebosch. From 1 February 2021, we will be operating from new premises at 3 Belsay Rd, Kenilworth.

You can come in to the Integrative Program from your home or a nearby guesthouse. For individuals transitioning from treatment centers, we utilise medical-aid registered accommodation in Kenilworth, which offers accommodation at various levels of support and containment. These facilities are in walking distance from Full Circle at Belsay, and a short Uber trip from Roodenburg House.

Accommodation and living costs are separate to the Integrative Program fee.

What sets us apart

At the Full Circle, Rob and Melissa work as close-knit co-therapists, using their respective approaches in an in-depth and complimentary way. This is a rare and sought-after style of psychotherapy, vitally impactful for meaningful and effective therapeutic work. Individuals find that their process and recovery is deepened and accelerated by working through and processing material through psychotherapy, creative arts therapy, symbol work, yoga therapy and other therapeutic modalities.

However, the key to the success of this co-therapist approach is in the in-depth and rich collaboration between practitioners. Hours are set aside each week wherein a client’s process is personally and thoughtfully engaged with between practitioners, problems are critically addressed and direction is sought. This allows the therapists to remain completely aligned in the therapeutic process and facilitates nuanced psychotherapeutic work in complex situations.

The Integration Program is the foundation for the highly individualised care and attention each person receives. These essential integrative conversations constitute our core approach to effectively and compassionately integrate mind, body, spirit and community. Because of this, the Full Circle only takes 10 individuals into the Integrative Program at a time.


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