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Full Circle Health Care is a treatment approach for adults needing support with mental health difficulties, emotion regulation problems including addiction and eating disorders, personality disorders and trauma. This is a holistic approach to health, focusing on body, mind, meaning and relationships. Full Circle Health Care is based in Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa.

About Us

Melissa McWalter (HPCSA registered Arts Therapist & Trauma-Informed Yoga Practitioner) offers a unique integrative and individualised approach to mental healthcare in Cape Town, South Africa. Parterning with clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and other professionals, Melissa expertly cares for the biopsychosocial health of each individual she has the privilege of working with.

Melissa McWalter – Registered Arts Therapist (University of Pretoria), Chairperson of the South African Music Therapy Association, Research Supervisor (University of Pretoria), Yoga Alliance Accredited Instructor.

What We Do

Melissa supports a wide range of individuals, including those who struggle with mental health difficulties, addiction problems, personality disorder, chronic pain and/or trauma. Their approach is effective for individuals wanting to improve health and well-being through holistic, evidence-based methods addressing body, mind, meaning and relationships. Essential aspects of the therapeutic approach are:

About Melissa

Melissa McWalter

Registered Arts Therapist, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, Yoga Alliance Accredited Instructor & Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist

Melissa McWalter is a registered arts therapist and Trauma-Informed Yoga instructor who has worked at a number of psychiatric hospitals in Cape Town, including Valkenberg, Lentegeur and Groote Schuur ward G22. She holds the position of chairperson of the South African Music Therapy Association. Melissa weaves together psychotherapeutic creative arts processes, music therapy, Trauma-Informed Yoga and mindfulness in a highly specialised, integrative therapeutic approach. This approach complements verbal psychotherapy by drawing on non-verbal, creative and body-based techniques.

Melissa also works with individuals in lifestyle construction as they become more aware of – and responsive to – their body and it’s needs. She has developed a mindfulness program and a journaling program that assist individuals in their journey toward self-awareness.

Collaborating with other professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, coaches and trainers, Melissa provides a holistic healthcare service through the Full Circle.

Full Circle Health Care Program

Each program is tailored to the individual. A personal assessment is required for an accurate and individualised quote for the best-suited program. The following serves as a general model of our programs and as pricing guide. The length of each phase is highly individualised, and the estimates below are guidelines only.

Estimate cost for SA residents: R15 550 – R24 450 per month.

Estimate cost for international guests: R21 850 – R29 450 per month.

Location and Accommodation

6 Princes Square, Harfield Village, Cape Town, South Africa

You can come in to the Integrative Program from your home or a nearby guesthouse, depending on assessment. For individuals transitioning from treatment centers, we utilise medical-aid registered accommodation in Kenilworth, which offers accommodation at various levels of support and containment. These facilities are in walking distance from Full Circle at Harfield.

Accommodation and living costs are separate to the Integrative Program fee.


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